SRWS Mission

Shaheed Ramashray Welfare Society a.k.a SRWS, is an NGO, based out of Noida founded in 2018, by Chairperson Devanshi Yadav (Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication). Shaheed Ramashray Welfare Society was established with an aim to help underprivileged children and women.

Starting with individual cases of helping the survivors and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, the NGO grew to open a centre for education and skill development where almost 500 underprivileged women and girl child are provided with formal education, skill development, self-defence classes and more.

Every year the kids from the centre get to showcase their talent in various exhibitions and events held by the NGO. These girls are also provided with a certified diploma. Many of these activities are conducted under our campaigns ‘Aazaadpankh’ and ‘Bhiksha Nahi Shiksha Do’ which were embarked upon with the intent to reach out girls and women from the underprivileged strata of the society.

Apart from the current centre, the NGO has initiated the construction of another building that will be used to conduct classes for children


Shaheed Ramashray Welfare Society a.k.a SRWS was started with the basic aim to provide help and support to the underprivileged. The SRWS NGO focuses on developing the potential of women and girls by providing them with quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities, creating a safe space for people of the LGBTQ+ community and removing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Over the past few years, the SRWS NGO has come up with various helplines, and helped numerous women, and families escape abusive situations and lead better and healthier lives. The efficiency and the NGO’s dedication to the cause can be measured by the number of cases taken up by the NGO in the last four years and their successful outcomes.

Formal Education

Since its inception in 2018, the SRWS NGO has imparted formal education, Diploma in professional typing, skill development and self-defence classes to around 500 girls in its centre.

Sanitary Pads

During the initial days of the SRWS NGO, chairperson Devanshi Yadav took out a drive to distribute sanitary pads and create awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Social Violence

SRWS NGO took up a domestic violence case of a mother of 2 in a 7-year-old marriage, brutally assaulted by her husband to the point of hospitalisation. SRWS handled all the legal work which eventually led to the arrest of all the culprits.

Female Infanticide

9 months pregnant woman lost her unborn child in a case of female infanticide and violence for dowry. The case was taken up by the SRWS NGO including taking care of all the legal work which led to the arrest of the husband.

Artisan ID Cards

The SRWS NGO helped 100 women get Artisan Identity Cards issued by the government which proved beneficial for them in getting easy loan, insurance, credit guarantee, make it easy to avail benefits of the schemes run by Government of India, and to participate in any domestic/ international fair/event.

Sexual Abuse

Case of an 8-year-old boy who was being sexually exploited by his neighbour. SRWS NGO took up the case and led to the arrest of the man. In Moradabad, the SRWS NGO took up the case of a young girl who was being exploited via an MMS being circulated of hers.

Covid Relief

SRWS NGO was active during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and helped in providing oxygen cylinders and arranging hospital beds for covid patients across India.

Mental Health

SRWS NGO has hosted various online sessions on mental health in collaboration certified psychologists to create awareness about mental health and remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Legal Aid

SRWS NGO has created a toll-free helpline with a team of psychologists and lawyers for the LGBTQ community wherein people from the community can seek help from psychologists and legal help from lawyers.



Education can take every child to the clouds of his or her dreams.

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Help us achieve this beautiful dream and make these innocent kids fly to the clouds and free them from their poor and dark past.

Achieving the goal of educating underprivileged and poor kids living on the streets of India requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the unique challenges they face. 

At Shaheed Ramashray Welfare Society (SRWS), we have developed a comprehensive strategy to make education accessible to these marginalized children. 

Firstly, outreach programs are crucial to identify and engage with street children, building trust and understanding their specific needs. 

Mobile education vans equipped with educational resources and qualified teachers bring learning directly to their doorsteps, ensuring that no child is left behind.

Log Kya Kahenge

Protecting women from domestic violence and social shaming.

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Protect women from domestic violence and public or social shaming. Support our campaign to empower women in India.sha

Log Kya Kahenge campaign is dedicated to safeguarding women against domestic violence and the perils of social shaming. 

In a world where societal opinions often dictate the choices and lives of individuals, our mission is to challenge the status quo and create a safe space where women can freely express themselves, break free from oppressive norms, and thrive without fear. 

Through education, advocacy, and support, Log Kya Kahenge aims to empower women, transform mindsets, and foster a society that celebrates their strength, resilience, and inherent rights. 

Join us in our fight to eliminate domestic violence and create a world where the only voice that matters is your own.

Collaboration with local authorities and organizations is essential to provide safe and inclusive learning spaces. By partnering with shelter homes, community centers, and NGOs, we can establish temporary or permanent learning centers that offer a conducive environment for education.

A holistic approach is crucial, encompassing not only academic instruction but also addressing the social and emotional needs of these children. Counseling services, life skills training, and extracurricular activities foster their overall development, instilling confidence and resilience.

Providing essential resources such as textbooks, stationery, and uniforms, as well as addressing nutritional needs through mid-day meal programs. Scholarships and financial support enable children to continue their education and alleviate the burden on their families.

Bringing smile
on the crying
faces worth

Bringing smiles to the faces of those in despair is an immeasurable source of joy at Shaheed Ramashray Welfare Society a.k.a SRWS. We firmly believe that the priceless happiness that comes from transforming tears into smiles holds immeasurable value. Our dedicated efforts are centered around reaching out to individuals and communities in their darkest moments, offering solace, support, and a glimmer of hope. Whether it is providing aid during natural disasters, offering assistance to marginalized groups, or lending a helping hand to those in need, we understand that the simple act of bringing a smile to a crying face can make a world of difference. Through our compassionate initiatives, we strive to uplift spirits, restore faith, and remind people that they are not alone. Witnessing the transformation of sorrow into radiant smiles is a profound testament to the power of empathy, kindness, and the impact we can have on one another.

Be the change
you wish
to see in
the world.

~ Gandhi

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